Why don't the Shortland Street writers like me.

All my favourite characters on Shortland Street always get killed off or exit before their time leaving lame whingy stupid characters to ruin the show with their lame stupid whinging.
This is my list of favourite characters that have been eliminated. In order of coolness
1. Dr. Li Mei Chen
2. Marshall Heywood
3. Nelson Copeland
4. Nurse Vinnie Kruze
5. Lionel Skeggins’ son
6. Jake Valentine
7. Blake Crombie
8. Lionel Skeggins

Unlike most S.S. characters this list contains no brain donors except for Vinnie after they turned him into a giant girl.
I know this show is aimed more at women and teenagers but please, for the love of god, don’t just leave us guys who watch the show shaking our heads at all the female characters who fall to pieces every five minutes and all male characters who have egos so large they may as well be masturbating on camera yelling “check me out”

And for the love of god….would someone over there kill off the Jeffries family…PLEASE! All of them! Car accident, bomb, anthrax I don’t care just get rid of them! They are some of the most pathetic, annoying characters ever to infect NZ TV screens.
This has been my rant.
I thank you for reading.

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  • Anonymous

    i think jesse peach is hot

  • Anonymous

    Claire roz loves jesse peach, he rocks her world

  • Blondie Girl 2000

    I think Anne Greenlaw was one of the show’s best characters.
    She died after getting trapped in the building collapse.

  • Tui

    I know this show is aimed more at women

    It is?