A Kath and Kim Christmas

Lovely ladies and great hunk o’ spunks, take your seats ploise … sit back and relax, crack open the cardonnay as Kath, Kim, Kel, Sharon and Brett explore their dark underbellies, literally (special thanks to Tan-In-A-Can) in Da Kath & Kim Code, a movie length feature screening on Sunday, December 24th at 8:30pm on 3.

While Kath & Kim series three repeats have started on Thursdays at 7:30pm, 3 brings you this one-off ‘almost a feature’ Christmas special which has it all – intrigue, love, suspense, revenge and denial.

Kel and Kath have just been on an overseas tour based on the international blockbuster, The Da Vinci Code. They return to Fountain Lakes refreshed and ready to gear up for Christmas Day in just two weeks time.

But it will be the most harrowing two weeks of their lives. Kath’s admiration for another man causes an outbreak of jealousy in Kel. The result is a shocking incident that could lead to a ruined marriage and possible legal proceedings.

Meanwhile, Brett and Kim have serious issues. Brett’s recent promotion at Computacity has gone to more than just his head. And who is the new man in Sharon’s life? No-one seems to know. Could this lead to Sharon’s dream wedding in Captain Cook’s cottage?

More exciting than any airport thriller, Da Kath & Kim Code is an excursion into the unexplored crannies of life at Lagoon Court, Fountain Lakes. It’s a tale of corporate greed, a puzzle of biblical proportions, and an emotional roller coaster that will churn your stomach… literally.

Da Kath & Kim Code stars all of your favourites from the Kath & Kim series, including Gina Riley, Jane Turner, Magda Szubanski, Glenn Robbins and Peter Rowsthorn, as well as special guest appearances by Australian megastar Barry Humphries and Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé.

Tune in for Da Kath & Kim Code, screening Sunday, December 24th at 8:30pm on 3.

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  • Dolce4Life

    OMG! I LOVE THIS! in saw it last year, its highlariously Braziliant!

  • Whatnowrox

    I love K&K too!
    Do you guys know that they are
    writing scripts for a Fourth
    Series? It’s going to be

  • Anomynous

    nice catch phraze.. look at moi look at moi