Absolutely Fabulous Home Makeover

Interior design – send for the regression therapist!

Eddy has been bitten by the home makeover bug, and wants to redecorate the kitchen. Naturally, she calls on her interior designer friends, Bettina and Max, for advice on the new look.

But despite all their suggestions, Eddy just can’t decide on the perfect design. After a failed attempt to use Saffy’s daughter as her divining rod to see which colours she veers towards, she hits upon the idea that regression therapy is the answer. She is sure she has seen what she wants somewhere – perhaps it was in a past life.

Meanwhile, Mother is looking after the baby amid all the chaos, Saffy (“the little hairy Hobbit”) is doing her best to get Patsy to move out, and Bubble continues to sneer at anyone less posh than her.

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