Aussie beats us again!!!

They started getting the new series last week !! When will we get to see it? Sometime down the track at some ridiculously early time of the day – every day of the week UGGGGG – Moving to Oz sometime soon!

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  • Rachel

    You’re meaning American Idol 2006 right? The new one is starting in the US in January.

  • EVS

    In the Australian OK December 4th 2006 under This week on TV –

    “AMERICAN IDOL – Just when we were getting worried that Idol was over for another year, Network Ten delivers with the next season of American Idol. So get together with your friends and watch as the judges travel aroung the country conducting auditions. FRIDAY – 8.30PM – NETWORK TEN”

    I assumed it would be the new one, as it’s on at prime time……

  • Rachel

    Hmm wierd, it starts in the US on January 16th.

  • EVS

    I checked Network Ten’s site and came up with

    ‘American Idol – Friday 15th Dec – 6.30pm – Semi Final No2 – 2hrs’

    So I guess that OK got it wrong… not that I didn’t believe you Rachel 🙂

  • Rachel

    I think they’ll be showing American Idol 2006, because I guess Australian Idol was on for a lot of the year and they didn’t do the rush-job we did with it on every night before NZ Idol.

  • Rikki

    Well looking forward to seeing it anyway! Would love to have it on in the evenings though, not every afternoon at around 5.30 when people find it hard to watch regularly.
    Hope they’ll be a new good forum on Idolblog to talk about it!:)