Bad Girls Club Premiere

What happens when you put seven “bad” girls in a house together – the type of girls who lie, cheat and flirt their way out of trouble and have serious trust issues with other women? Face to face with a direct reflection of their own bad behavior, will they want to change? Or will they remain stuck in the same old patterns of self-defeat?

The producers of The Real World bring together a house filled with seven of these women in the new reality series called The Bad Girls Club.

The seven girls, who range in age from 22 to 32, are unapologetic, independent women who recognize that their “bad girl” ways have hindered their relationships, careers and lives. The housemates are:

Aimee: an abrasive, aggressive girl with a mistrust of anyone other than her own family.

Jodie: a contradiction in the true sense of the word… conservative office worker by day turned sexy social butterfly by night.

Kerry: a country singer recently dropped by her record label and management for her irresponsible behavior.

Leslie: an adult entertainer who wants to change the path she’s on.

Ripsi: a judgmental, rich, spoiled “daddy’s girl” with anger issues.

Ty: a “hustler” who aspires to be a positive influence to girls who have struggled with rough childhoods like her own.

Zara: a small-town beauty and “wild child” who has a lot to learn about herself and the world.

Jon Murray, executive producer of The Real World, said he cast one so-called ‘bad’ character every season. Usually those characters turned out to be the audience favorite and the center of attention. So he wanted to know what would happen if he put seven of these girls in a house together.

During their time in the house, the girls exhibit just about every kind of immature, spoiled, backstabbing behavior you can imagine.

You love them – and when they’re at their most outrageous, you love to hate them. Finally, you root for them to cut through their defense mechanisms and make real friends.

The show premieres on Tuesday, December 5 in the US. No word on when or if it will screen in New Zealand.

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  • towfeek(bob)

    hi girls how are u all , looking for nice spoiled girl to travel ,no smoking , good senceof humour , pls reply .may be ripsi

  • campgrrls

    OMG,this prog sounds like about one step up from from women mud wrestling each other. Or is it one step down. Atleast mud wrestling doesn’t claim to be anything other than a spectacle for male voyeurism. This prog promotes itself as maybe making the women better people, while really just sounding like a spectacle of women set against women.

  • carolyn

    this has got to be the worst most ridiculous show on earth must have run out of ideas for tv it sucks