Bam's Unholy Union

Who would have thought he’d get married? Bam Margera has a new show on MTV about his preparations for his wedding day. He’s engaged to Melissa “Missy” Rothstein who he’s known since he was a child. This is his second engagement, he was initially engaged to Jenn Rivell, who he broke up with in 2005.

Wonder what stag night pranks will be in store?

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  • frank

    Well BAM that is what you get when you put crap on TV

  • Brandy

    Hey, OMG i can’t belive he is getting married *tear* I am soo jealous.. well at least this girl is better than Jen Rivell! Eww she sucked. I love you Bam ur hott and the collest person ever! I wish I was missy!

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe it
    but i wish him the best even though i would do anything to be his
    i wonder if Bam ever googled himself???????????

  • Erica <3's Bam

    why bam why
    i love your shows
    and your so damn hott
    and i loved the fact that you were single
    now your getting married
    I own all seasons of Viva La Bam
    and both Jackass movies
    i hope you do Jackass 3 that would be sweet
    and im looking for the movie Haggard i cant find it any where
    I cant wait til Bam’s unholy union premieres
    oh yea nice penis

  • Anonymous

    bam whats up home dawg and you too missy good luck and cograts I love viva la bam so this should be a good show

  • david

    dude bam your the coolest i have always wanted to be on jackass cky vivalabam something dude its cool your getting married good luck with that

  • bam is pretty okay in my book. i still wanna see the gumball 3000. i am not as obsessed with this shit as most of you crazy fuckers are. u all say something to bam as if hed read this lol. you’re all a bunch of eleventeen year olds. hahaha…

  • Anonymous

    bam i love you alot. ahhhh & yer marring her? shes ok but w.e yer so bangable and sexyyyyyy. lol i hope yew have good luck with yer marriage=] ilyyy bam!

  • Anonymous

    I personally think missy is awesome.I think shehsh way better then jenn rivell, n jen was my girl.But missy is way cool ya’ll so dont hate.If you ask me that jenn rivell was way outta her league,Him n missy look perfet together.

  • Alexis

    Bam if you read this shit then CONGRATS I know a lot of people say this but you are too good for her… don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater I love Missy but nobody is really good enough for you 🙂 I hope you make a Jackass 3 even if you don’t (I don’t blame you) by the way how does your ass feel after that brand. LOL. Well as long as she makes you happy it’s all good. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • Katie van

    This means there already married because they already filmed it, boo!! I wasn’t invited… Missy’s a lucky bitch!.. bams really fucking hot!! well shes pretty hot too but anyways.. congrats bam if your reading this, don’t become normal… you wouldn’t be the same!!

    Rock on Bitchhaaass!!!

    ps. Your kids are going to be fucking crazy!! =P

  • BamBam

    Bam congrats on gettin married nd since ur married nd all u think u could hook me up with steve-o

  • austyn carpenter

    dude i wish u luck on getting married and i wish u could let me be there i live in seneca missouri and i have seen all of the jackass episodes, jackass the movie, and jackass #2, plus i have seen all of the viva la bam episodes and i hope u do a jackass #3 well good luck bam give me a call 1417 291 4105

  • yo Bam ahha wtf man ur gettting married ..Nice well u no she is pretty hot n shit..dude u better still be maknig viva la bam Season 5 and 6 but still Bams unholy union is going to be nuts i seen the part where u fucked up ur womans Wedding dress ahhahha funny shit..i own all the viva la bams n the jackasses and i have ur cky videos on wondows media cky 3 is the best .. dude Haggard was the best dude whens the sequal coming out .. or wtf i herd ur making viva la bam the movie cant wait o c all ur new shit man peace

  • Anonymous

    yo man your just obssesed i wouldnt be surprised if you marrid bam youself

  • Kevin M.

    Hey Bam congratz on ure wedding i hope u dount drop you pants while u say “I Do” and to let u know ive never seen someone lauf that hard! when in jackass u cut Pubic-hairs and glued them to the guys face to make him look like a terroist and when he got bak and he found out they were pubic hairs.. fuk u were laufing so dam hard!! did u piis ure pants??!?! lol and I can picture u haveing kids and U make JackAss 3 and u make a part and ull b like ” Im BAM Margera!, and im gonna launch my son of this trebuchet!!…o email me!!.. =)

  • b dub

    whats up ur show rocks dude hope u make more seaosns of viva la bam its gettin intense like when u dropped that big piano on the car and shit jack ass 2 was the shit man

  • maddy

    Hey bam! i love you and everything you do and i wish you all the best for ur married life =D missy is officially THE luckiest person in the world. haggard is the best movie lol best wishes love maddy kerr xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox i love you dunn

  • maddy

    yeah email me lol

  • Mahala

    Bam,I have the biggest crush on u.I think ur georgeous.Congrats on ur wedding.:)

  • Mahala

    Bam,email me at MRR1231980.:)

  • Lucas73

    For Aprils sake I hope they don’t ruin the wedding.

  • Anonymous

    Hatters? Like Mad Hatters? Or just Insane Hatters? Honestly, either be more specific, or learn to spell.

  • Gen

    Why are people talking to bam here? is it his blog or what? bam probally doesnt read these posts, go to the bam margera boards at stupids!

  • SophTheBamFanUK

    Bam is ace, and I hope everything goes brilliant for him and Missy in the future 🙂

    Bam, if you read this (doubt ya eva will, you have a great life 2 lead now, but hey, I like typing stuff!!), I hope you and Missy have a great life together! I have seen EVERYTHING you’ve ever filmed, been in etc! And I have THUG 1 + 2. And all the other Tony Hawk’s games. And I love your Lambo! Gumball 3000 is the coolest! Sorry bout them screwing the Gallardo up tho! And your H2….. Whahey, I’m rambling again! But you’ll always have your loyal BamFans! Anyway, I hope you and Missy have have a brill life together, you’re hot shit mate! She’s so lucky, make sure she knows that! Keep on rockin on! And keep up the kick-ass skating! 🙂 Love you, Soph xxxxx

  • satan’s bitch01



  • Misty

    Bam ur really hot and talanted and im happy to see u get married. Missy i wish u the best of luck in ur future. Bam missy is really pretty and bam is hot they go together. I wish u two the best of luck. Lov ya bam!!!!!

  • Christina

    Okay everyone that thinks Bam is already married, if you were paying attention to his show you would know that he’s getting married February 23rd. I wish Bam and Missy the best in their marriage and everything. All the people who are jealous of Missy and shit, like you could get Bam Margera anyway, are you really that dense or just that stupid. I mean really, why would someone as hott as Bam Margera ever date you. Oh, and if you ever do read this Bam, you probably won’t, don’t listen to Missy, it’s your wedding, have Cradle of Filth come play, it would be aweseome.

  • Vikki

    Bam good luck with the wedding im also glad u finally got raid of jenn she acted like a bitch towards you. Missy is a really sweet girl for u. she way better then jen I think u should have HIM Prefrom in your wedding that would be great u rock. love all your bamfans

  • tiffers

    If U married me Bam. . . . I’d let you have Cradle of Filth. . . .

    Im sad ur gettin married, it makes it harder for any other girl. . . *wink wink* 😉

  • Dan

    yo, bam your getting married **** happy… yo add my msn plz i got a **** load of stuff i gotta tell ya lmao.. trust me you’ll wanna know but yah heres my msn: o and bam i ****** hope you finsh cky5 😛 cant wait well yah peace

    …Bam’s biggest fan…

  • C-F-T-L !?!

    “BAM!!!! whos gonna clean this ****?” “not me*run away*” what up bam man im a huge fan 0.o yah i wish i was in your movie lmao i made a movie my sealf and i broke my finger,a leg,i ingurd my spine,and lmao i did “ravioly hill!!!” it hurt like a bitch but yah man add my dam msn right now befor i go to westchester pa and go to your house and slap you!!!!!( i couldent ,i wouldent and i wouldent fly there just for that…) yah but add my msn its: yah peace out my main man!!! you tha bomb o and gratz on that marrage( well gonna hapen febuary the 23rd ( i think )) o and my movie is caled C-F-T-L … lol it stands for : CAMP-****-THE-LAW
    o peace brother from an other mother ( sorry about that lol )

  • Anonymous

    yo bam what up,iam one of your top fan!!! i been trying to get sponsered by element. i got my own video on google,but w/e dont go changing afther you and missy get married. dont let her stop you from doing jackass shit and anyother crazy thing you have in your head.And Bam whats going to happen to all your friends from vila of bam that lived in your house?? good luck you and missy

  • some really big fan

    yo bam dude, sup. congrats on getting married, but dont let her stop ya from pullin off another viva la bam or jackass or other ideas in you kick ass head. you rock and good luck with missy!

  • Anonymous


  • thee biggest fuckin bam fan there

    i fuckin love yew Bam.
    geeez omg ur gorgeous.
    give me a shoutout on ur sirius station.aight?
    my name is “Fuckin Candice”
    or “candy from toooba” would be great.
    i think Missy is a great gal =]
    do great things while is lasts.
    wait.ur fuckin bam margera…what could go wrong?
    anywayz i live in arizona.
    um add me on myspace sometime.www.myspace/xxlovelessxxwreckxx
    it would be hella awesome.
    im not some crazed psycho bitch who would fuckin ask u to do and ask u st000pid shit.ha
    but whatever.
    k..mucho love.

  • Anonymous

    I think some of the things you people are writing is absolute crap. Come on, Bam is a normal person just like you and me. Yeah I just about piss myself everytime I watch his programs but some of the shit you people are writing is just scary. So i’ll just put it like this, Bam is married so no girls you don’t have a chance! Oh yeah and he has better things to do than memorise everyones name and where they come from just to do shout out’s. Being a fan is one thing but I think most of you people are obsessed and need to get help!!!

  • anonymous

    does anyone no the name of the song that bam is rocking out to in the hummer in episode 3??/ if u do email me please..

  • Monica

    LOVE the show, always watched it, what was the song that Missy walked down the isle to during the last show, how do i find it……….driving myself crazy……..anyone know let me know…..thanks

  • rochelle

    i love u bam i want 2 be a pro skater even tho im a girl.
    im rochelle and i am 14 on april the 25th, i live in tully. MISSY is sooooo pretty and i’m happy for yous any way if you can please email 2 me im your number 1 BIGGEST FAN FOR LIFE ROCK ON AND DONT STOP SKATE BOARDING EVER


    luv u and missy 4 life

    love from rochelle

  • Anonymous

    hey bam, i watch ur show all of the time…especially your unholy union. you and missy are super cute!, p.s. i was wondering if you could tell me where she got her wedding dress from. it was unbelievably beautiful and im getting married soon. I would love to have one like that.

    email back
    i love you guys
    good luck to the both of you.
    many wishes.

  • Nella

    You People Should Know Its Not Bam … I Mean I Love Bam And Stuff But You People Think That Hes Really Going To Say Your Name And Stuff … Hes Not Cuz Its Not Even His Web Its Some Impersonator … Get A Grip
    -Nella :]

  • phil

    you guys cant spell bam i love you you are so funny come marry me plz

  • laughing ass off

    OMG, are you guys like brain dead or some thing. who the hell gives out there email and phone number over the net, and why are you telling Bam all this when he doesn’t even come to this web site. lol you guys on this site are nuts. BAM ROCKS.