Body Image Season 2: F**k Off I'm A Hairy Woman

Stand-up comedian Shazia Mirza believes that she is the hairiest woman in Britain, where society demands that women remove most of their body hair.

Shazia knows better than most what that pressure feels like. If you add up all her hair removal sessions, she spends three days a month getting rid of it.

She takes viewers on a personal voyage of discovery behind the scenes of an industry rarely seen but which feeds on our desire to get rid of body hair at all costs – a world of dodgy hair removal contraptions, secret conversations between young women on the best ways to depilate and confessions about the hairiest part of their bodies.

Shazia meets women who are hairy and proud and women who are obsessed with hair removal. It is a journey that will make viewers laugh and squirm, by turns, and provoke a range of reactions, from sympathy to disgust.

No word yet on when this series will screen in NZ.

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