Body Image Season 2: Lucy: Teenage & Transsexual

On 21 December 2006, Lucy celebrates her 18th birthday. This is the birthday she’s longed for all her life – at 18 she can surgically begin to become a woman.

Her first present to herself, and one she’s saved years for, will be breast enlargement surgery.

This is no ordinary story: Lucy was born a male called Richard and wants nothing more than to undergo gender re-assignment.

Lucy now lives her life as a female; she is a normal teenage girl who loves shopping, clothes and make-up. However, there is one part of her body that is a constant reminder she was born Richard – a penis.

The programme follows Lucy as she fights to achieve her dream of becoming a woman.

No word yet on when this BBC series will air in New Zealand.

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  • Tui

    Oh, well good luck Lucy 🙂