Craziest Woman Alive

This week was the most shocking episode of Trading Spouses I have ever seen! Margaret Perrin (pictured) is absolutely crazy! She is an extremely devoted christian who has gone to live with a family of astrologists and hypnotherapists.

There are all these little gargoyle statues around the house, and stars, and all other kind of alternative things.. and she went crazy, saing there is a presence and ran outside spewing into the garden!

At the end of this episode she finally exploded when she met a psychic at a radio show, screaming that “this is not of God!!!!” Running around crying, saying that she just needs a church, she just needs some prayer!

The conclusion episode next Friday at 9.30pm looks even more crazy, with her tearing up her prize envelope and screaming at the top of her lungs “I CANNOT TAKE THISSS!!! THIS IS EVIL!! THIS IS TAINTED!! I AM A WARRIOR OF GOD!! SHE IS NOT A CHRISTIANNNNN!!! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!”

I can’t wait.

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  • Jacob

    And too right they should repeat it! It is one of the most entertaining things I have ever seen! lol. I missed it the first time round.

  • Rachel

    I caught a bit of it, it was freaky/hilarious/disturbing all in one!!

  • Dory Face

    I loved it//had already seen it. SO FUNNY! Trading spouses is randomly hilarious 😀

  • Texas

    LMAO…That episode was probably my favourite Trading Spouses episode ever. Margaret was/is psycho. It was my video on Bebo a few months back. I’m wondering if Margaret is now thin. Because she was going to use the money for her Gastric Bypass Surgery.

  • toggerlogger

    Texas – she did the surgery. Photos on her website show a vastly slimmed down marguerite.

  • SimonT

    I had seen it already but just watched it again and yes it was just as crazy the 2nd time around.

    People like that really annoy me – totally self absorbed in their own beliefs that they can’t see anything else. Then twist every thing around so it appears that every one is against them.

    I just feel sorry for her kids and grand kid!!!!

    After all the screaming and god doesn’t want this or that and the money is tainted etc etc, she still turns around and takes it “after some consideration” – yeah ok crazy!

  • DeViI D0do

    Man it’s gonna be funny when she ends up going to hell…