Diet Doctors

The Diet Doctors – GP Dr Wendy Denning and nutrition consultant Vicki Edgson – don’t believe that one diet suits all. They’re out to prove that, with the right food and exercise, the body has an extraordinary capacity to heal itself from the inside out.

Using members of the public in each episode, the Diet Doctors show that, with the right food and exercise, it’s possible to invoke the body’s extraordinary capacity to heal itself from the inside out.

“It’s difficult to watch this show without reaching for a mirror,” says Executive Producer Jo McGrath.

“This series will teach us how to respond nutritionally to our own body’s needs and the results are staggering.”

Through a combination of home tests, controversial experiments and a tailor-made nutritional plan, contributors within the series achieve an amazing physical and emotional transformation.

‘”We’ve gone back to the original sense of the word ‘diet’, which is to nourish, to nurture and to feed,” says Vicki Edgson. “People associate dieting with limitation but our holistic approach focuses on not just cutting the bad foods out but getting the good foods in”.

And while we accept that diet is directly linked to our weight, but just how much do food choices affect our health? Obese people suffer an increased risk of developing around 30 serious medical conditions and often the real health issues are ignored.

DIET DOCTORS combine medical and holistic approaches on not only looking good but feeling good too. Vicki and Wendy use an arsenal of shock tactics to tackle some of the most extreme cases such as skin complaints, diabetes, insomnia and infertility and for some these tactics may prove to be life savers.

On the first episode of DIET DOCTORS Wendy and Vicky confront varicose veins, a spine under strain and breast weighing over a stone. Using unique physical demonstrations and the latest in medical camera technology the doctor’s will investigate what’s going on in the body and teach you how to read the body’s distress signals.

Wednesday 3 January 8.30pm on PRIME

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