Does it appeal to younger viewers?

Sarah Daniels on National Radio today seems unhappy with some of the current changes on Coronation Street. She says she has a love-hate relationship with it at the moment.

She thinks it’s changing and bringing in young Goth characters and becoming a bit over-the-top dramatic in an attempt to encourage younger viewers. This is because the older viewers who like to watch it won’t be around forever. But she thinks that Coro didin’t need to change to appeal to younger viewers. Sarah Daniell’s discussion with Kathryn Ryan on Radio Natinal’s Nine-to-Noon can be heard here:

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I love fiction TV programmes that are fun,entertaining and/or gripping as well as making some comment on society, politics and/or the state of our relationships. I feel a bit sad that fiction TV seems to be being overtaken by other genres in primetime lately on NZ TV. And I want to see more great British drama series on TV. TVNZ, you're losing the plot!!!
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