Dr Who Christmas Special

Dr Who (David Tennant) drains the Thames in order to defeat the Empress of Rachnos (Sarah Parish) in a Christmas Day special called The Runaway Bride.

A horde of alien spiders make their base under the Thames and when the Doctor and Donna – the runaway bride in the title played by Catherine Tate – escape from the lair, water pours in, emptying the river.

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  • shantaram

    Oh my God, I’m so excited, thank you Rachel.

    But when am I ever going to see it (being in South Korea).

    I just got a DVD of the last episode of the last season for my birthday, but the region is different.

    I can change the region on my computer, but I’m only able to do that 3 times and if I change it and can’t change it back, I won’t be able to use my teaching materials in class.