Gavin and Stacey

Gavin And Stacey is a brand-new comedy series from the BBC about young love, two nations coming together and endless Welsh omelettes, written by and starring Ruth Jones (Little Britain, Nighty Night, Fat Friends) and James Corden (The History Boys, Fat Friends).

Stacey is from Barry, in Cardiff, and Gavin is from Essex. But the difference in backgrounds and culture doesn’t hinder their romance, which flourishes when they finally meet for the first time after hitting it off during numerous flirtatious work calls.

Stacey’s guardian-uncle, Bryn, has pledged to look out for his niece – when not obsessing over his faulty satellite navigation system – whilst Gavin is doted on by his sometimes emotionally volatile mother, Pam, who only wants the best for her “little prince”.

On the occasionally rocky route to Gavin and Stacey’s wedding, the two very different sets of families and friends must learn to get along together. The couple’s best friends, the forthright Nessa and best man Smithy, get along very, very well but, unfortunately, only when they’re plastered.

Gavin is played by Mathew Horne (Catherine Tate, Teachers), Stacey by Joanna Page (Gideon’s Daughter, Love Actually), Bryn by Rob Brydon, Pam by Alison Steadman, Nessa by Ruth Jones and Smithy by James Corden.

No details have yet been announced about a NZ air date.

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  • Snelly Boy

    G&S is a fantastic show. So pleased it’s been picked up by TVNZ. Shame about the scheduling though. It’s natural viewer demographic of 20 to 35 years old will all be out on the large on Friday nights.

    Another example of TVNZ not knowing what it has on it’s hands.