Harry Enfield's Excellent Adventure

Harry Enfield and his best mate retrace the 1941 Barbarossa invasion of the Soviet Union, travelling through the Baltic States to St Petersberg.

Monday 18 December, 7.30pm, TV One

Harry Enfield asked his best mate Charlie to accompany him on a trip through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to St Petersberg. Travelling through three capital cities, Enfield’s aim was to trace the journey, on foot and in a military jeep, of the Nazi army.

The pair start in Gdansk in northern Poland, where the first shots of the invasion were fired; visit the medieval castles and caves scattered along the Gauja valley in Latvia which were occupied by Nazi troops and travel through Novgorod, the political and artistic centre trashed by the Nazis, to St Petersberg, for the midsummer celebrations on 23rd June.

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  • bob b

    you guys are nuts – could you not lease a normal car for this trip – you made Poland look like a backward country – made me sick to watch your film trip – you must be from England or some other british isle – yuk

  • Nak

    Harry Enfield is British and what a charming, puckish chap he is. I love his daft asides and cheeky but apropos (spot on) humour. He’s great in this funny but satisfactorily informative programme – he certainly gives the boring, worthy, history docs ala Shama et. al. a run for their money.

  • cron

    I liked this one. Quite interesting. Just here, with such a heavy accent on “Nazi this and Nazi that”, I feel like I have to remind that in 1939 Eastern part of Poland was occupied by Communist USSR (then friend and partner of the Third Reich) only 2 weeks after Germans took the Western part of it (Nazis and Commies even had a common parade when they met), and a year later – in 1940 – USSR invaded and assimilated Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which ceased to exist as a free countries for 50 years to come. (Before that – in 1939 – they tried the same on Finland but failed.) And only then – in 1941 – came the Operation Barbarossa, with recent friends turned enemies… 🙂