Help! My Dog's As Fat As Me

Proving that they are, indeed, man’s best friend, some hefty hounds and their obese owners are given a lifestyle change with a difference in Help! My Dog’s As Fat As Me, a new show from the BBC.

Presenter Julian Bennett takes eight podgy pooches and their overweight owners and puts them on a three-month diet and fitness regime to shed the pounds together.

Every fortnight, the fat fidos and their owners come to the Fat Dogs Fitness Centre. Here, Julian and the Fat Dogs Team – celebrity dog trainer Amy Hatcher and vet Paul Manktelow – challenge the pairs to a range of activities, from doggie line-dancing to orienteering.

At the end of each weekend, the contestants face the dreaded Weigh Off. The chubbiest couple will be eliminated.

The remaining three contestants battle it out in a tense finale for the title of Fat Dog Champion 2007.

No word yet on a NZ air date.

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  • Tui

    Ew :s

  • DeViI D0do

    Lamest of the lame. This is pretty lame.

  • Rachel

    What I don’t get is why dog shows are SO popular — take the “It’s me or the Dog” show consistently in the Top 10 shows. The most popular book sold on Amazon this year was the Dog Whisperer one. Even though it sounds lame, people will tune in.

  • Anonymous

    working on this right now….. it is lame !