House Trap: How to Profit From Property

Hosted by Malcolm Law, House Trap is the informative New Zealand show which gives you all of the tips you need to know about buying, selling and owning a home or investment property, screening Tuesday, December 26th at 7:30pm.

Ever dreamed of owning an overseas home or becoming a property investor? It’s surprisingly achievable, even for Kiwis who don’t have a lot of money. But you can also do it the wrong way and lose a lot of money.

The House Trap series guides viewers through the pitfalls of buying, selling and owning a home and talks to New Zealanders who have learnt from their mistakes and others who have amazing success stories.

In House Trap: How to Profit From Property, the first part in the eight-part series, Malcolm Law finds out how some people manage to make a lot of money from investing in property.

And it’s not necessarily focused on those people with pots of money – more and more ordinary Kiwis are getting into property investment, putting their faith in their own financial skills and their knowledge of the property market to make a fortune or set themselves up for retirement.

People like 26-year-old Corrina.

“I’m a qualified baker with three kids,” says Corrina. “Who’d have thought I’d be an investor?”

However she and husband Phil have a portfolio of seven rental properties worth close to a million dollars.

Or Ron who started with one property two years ago and now has 25. How does he do it? Ron will share his secret.

Terms like equity and leverage can make investing seem beyond the reach of the average Kiwi investor, but House Trap: How to Profit From Property demystifies the terminology and takes viewers through the basic principles of successful property investing.
It also highlights some of the ventures potential investors should be careful about investing in.

“I’ve been had for a fool…I get very angry when I think about what these guys have done” – that’s Frank talking about an Auckland apartment he bought off-the-plans with the promise that it would be returning over 9% in rental – “actually what I have just done here is chuck away $150,000.”

Learn all about property investment in the first part of the eight-part House Trap series, House Trap: How to Profit From Property, screening on 3 on Tuesday, December 26th at 7:30pm.

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