Kiwifruit cancelled

TV2’s late-night show ‘Kiwifruit’ will definitely not be returning, says its Executive Producer Ashley Stuart-Coupland.

Last week NZ on Air and TVNZ sent out a request for proposals from local independent TV producers for a new series for and about New Zealand’s gay community.

Stuart-Coupland says the Kiwifruit team is quite disappointed it’s over. “Everyone has their own point of view about Kiwifruit, but it rated well, and it got good feedback.”

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  • Raven


  • toggerlogger


    This show was a waste of time and drivel.
    I never wanted to watch a magazine style show that went on about superficiality and looks and asked inane questions

    Amanda Rees to Sarah Waters: So, do you normally set all your books in Victorian times?
    SW: No
    AR: But it seems that way with the last three
    SW: The new book isn’t
    AR: Would you like to have lived in Victorian England?

    how boring!

    If I wanted to listen to such idiotic interviews, I would simply read my copy of DNA.

    At least the predecessor, QN, actually had some decent articles. Kiwifruit had a MASSIVE lesbo POV…

  • Rachel

    I had never even heard of it to be honest.