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Jamie Oliver is back doing what he does best – cooking, at home, with simple, accessible ingredients, including fruit and vegetables that he recently started to grow in his kitchen garden. Each programme is themed around one primary ingredient, it could be a look at all the different varieties of tomatoes, what you can do with lovely home-grown potatoes, or how to cook different cuts of lamb – but he also looks at how easy it is to grow your own produce; sometimes in weird and wonderful ways. As Jamie puts it, this show has a “really good honest sincere tips and shortcuts that will make your life better.” With his unique and cheerful methods of cooking, it is no wonder that Jamie Oliver is currently television’s most influential chef.

Coming to ONE, 2007.

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Kyle Wadsworth is a trained multimedia journalist with a passion for film and television - notably Westside and Outrageous Fortune! Also known as TuiKiwi (the name of which has also featured on Outrageous Fortune as a guest-starring beer brand).
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  • charmaine

    just wondering were could access tehe ‘jamie oliver at home’ recipes/book so i can make. Is it coming back to seven?