New single and DVD for Ben Lummis - appeal!

Message from traza.k from Ben’s web-site/fan-club sent to Ben’s Idolblog fan-club that I’m just adding here:

“Can YOU Please fwd to anyone/ everyone who could help….. by txting, emailing or phoning C4 to put the pressure on them to play Bens Music DVD….,

POSTAL ADDRESS:Private Bag 92624 / Symonds Street / Auckland / 1021 PHONE:(09) 377 9730 or 0800 C4 MUSIC

Their unbelieveable response today was….

….…. Quote “its not what they are looking for, and would not suit the content of what C4 wants “ , and they will not add it to their shows… which really sucks !!! considering some of the absolute rubbish they seem to think is Ok to play. I mean c’mon….!!!!

So they were not even prepared to put it on their “ Added this week “ program which is where all the new DVDS get played , and from there, people can txt etc to get it played more often…. , so much for support of NZ musicians…… in particular Idol participants….

Anyway…. pressure is required, ….the more they get, the more likely they will play the DVD…”

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