Sheer Brilliance

This was THE best TV drama I’ve seen on TV in several years. Jimmy Mcgovern is one of the best TV scriptwriters.

This ep work really well on several levels: a great crime drama; a really good examination of the angst of a killer who is the product of English military involvement in Northen Ireland; a very engaging performance by Coltrane of the renegade Cracker who is an exceptional reader of people, an alcohol abuser and appalling in his relationships with his family; and interwoven with all this a very apt British critique of the US response to 9/11, it’s war in Iraq and US imperialism. It makes comparisons between the killer’s experience of military service in Northen Ireland where his sense of humanity was betrayed and the way the US army operates in Iraq. It compares his personal contact with Irish people and their attempts to not kill locals with the US bombing of civilians for instance.

And having recently visited the UK & Manchester I also loved Cracker’s wife’s line about how no-one could afford to live in Britain anymore. Cracker and his family had been living in Aussie for the last 7 years and returned to Manchester for a visit.

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About the author

I love fiction TV programmes that are fun,entertaining and/or gripping as well as making some comment on society, politics and/or the state of our relationships. I feel a bit sad that fiction TV seems to be being overtaken by other genres in primetime lately on NZ TV. And I want to see more great British drama series on TV. TVNZ, you're losing the plot!!!
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