Shortland Street Fan Awards 2006

Fans of Shortland Street are being asked to name their favourite characters and actors and most memorable moments of 2006 in Throng’s inaugural Shortland Street Fan Awards. Other categories include the character one would most like to kill off, most romantic moment, biggest let down, dodgiest moment and favourite quote.

Votes can now be cast here and results will be published on Throng on December 29.

Nominations for the awards were provided by members of StreetTalk, the popular Shortland Street fan site.

Throng is New Zealand’s premier television community site with over 60,000 visitors in its first month since launching. The site features up-to-the-minute news, recaps, interviews, videos, spoilers and lively discussion of everything relating to television.

Throng is created by award-winning husband and wife team, Regan and Rachel Cunliffe. The pair are also behind popular television community sites Idolblog and StreetTalk.

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  • Tui

    This is totally cool! 😀
    Woah! 60,000! Congrats R&R!!

  • Jacob

    Zahra Amir Ebrahimi would have been a great help to you guys! lol

  • regan

    it’s actually 85,000 visitors in the last 4 weeks

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE LI MEI!!! Vote for her! Also most dogiest moment should be when Sarah was about to give Craig head!

  • Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me why Toni Warner is under “best new Character award”

  • Rachel

    Thanks, it’s fixed now 🙂

  • Dolce4Life

    Vote for Libby stealing Sarahs socks as the dodgiest moment!