Shorty St doctor tops

Shortland Streets swinging doctors Justine Jones and Callum Mackay have a prescription for spicing up ratings. The secretly married hospital professionals with a taste for extramatrital affairs are hit with fans on TV website throng.

The kinky couple – played by Laurie Foell and Peter Mochie are leading the way in throng’s Shortland Street Fan Awards in the favourite characters category.

“It’ll be interesting to see if these two new characters end up coming away with the award,” throng creator Regan Cunliffe told Sunday news.

Other award categories include: the character one would most like to kill off, most romantic moment, biggest let down, dodgiest moment and favourable quote.

Fans can vote through or

Regan and his wife Rachel also started Shortland Street website Streetttalk as well as Idolblog. The results of the wards will be published on

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