Star Trek - new movie out in 2009

If you’re a JJ Abrams fan – if you need reminding, he’s the guy behind Lost, Alias, Mission Impossible III, Felicity, Forever Love and more – it has been confirmed that JJ Abrams will be the director of the new Star Trek film, scheduled for a possible 2009 release.

Can’t wait!

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  • DeViI D0do

    The only Star Trek I’ve ever watched was a parody in Futurama… just never seen what the fuss is about.

    I thought this was going to be sooner… like 2008?

  • Rikki

    Wonder what Generation this will be – the Next Generation is the best as far as I’m concerned!
    That’s what most of the films have featured.

    Am following the series on DVD – nearly through through series 3, have complete set to watch now – fills in time when there’s nothing else on TV – like at this time of year!
    Found great web-site too, where I like to read the reviews after each episode, with bits pointed out that you may have missed, discussing what happened, etc. etc.!:)