The Human Body

The landmark science documentary series, presented by Sir Robert Winston, that explores life inside the most complex mechanism on Earth – The Human Body.

Using state-of-the-art photography and specially devised medical imaging to reveal how our bodies really work and what it is like to live inside this incredible collection of bones, brains and blood, THE HUMAN BODY takes viewers on a voyage through the various ages of existence.

THE HUMAN BODY is an exploration of the universal experience of being alive. Filming for the series took the crew around the world, from the pyramids of Egypt to the termite hills in Kenya.

“We set out to bring the story of the human body to life in the most ambitious project science project undertaken by the BBC,” says producer Richard Dale. “We’ve married forefront science with state-of-the-art imaging. Now we can show you things no one has ever witnessed before and let viewers take a fresh look at the miracles of everyday life.”

In episode 1 – ‘Life Story’ – Professor Winston sets out the complexity of the human body – that miraculous and mysterious organism which we all inhabit but know very little about. The programme covers the evolutionary development of the body, explaining how it came to be the most advanced form of life on the planet. It also explains that while humans have scarcely changed in thousands of years, they change totally within the space of a lifetime. Like the caterpillar transforming itself into a butterfly, so humans change beyond all recognition over the years: From a helpless baby, to an eager toddler: from a gawky teenager, to a vigorous young adult: and from mature middle age, to frail old age.

Richard Dale’s series also gives viewers the chance to see the Line Of Age. – a remarkable piece of film – which starts with a tiny baby lying in a sunlit forest and pans across a line of 100 people from all walks of life, each one year older than the last, ending with a 102 year-old man. Seen like this, each person unique, yet fundamentally the same, each one another step further along the journey of life, captures the very essence of THE HUMAN BODY.

Did you know?

That during his/her lifetime the average human being will:

  • Spend three and a half years eating
  • Eat 7300 eggs and 160 kg’s of chocolate
  • Spend more than six months on the loo
  • Work continuously for eight years
  • Spend 12 years watching TV
  • Talk on the telephone for 2 and a half years
  • Kiss for two weeks
  • Grow 28 metres of fingernails
  • Be able to name 2000 people and call 150 of them friends
  • Shed 19 kg’s of dead skin
  • Have sex 2580 times with an average of five different people
  • Fall in love twice
  • Blink 415 million times
  • Live for 79 years
  • Walk 22,000 kilometres
  • Talk continuously for 12 years.

Discover the mysteries of the human body…

Sunday 14 January at 7.35pm on PRIME

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