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Marraige under threat
Its been a colourful five years for Shortland Street’s Laura Hill. Her Character Toni Warner, has had a baby after one nights stand, been through divorce and had her son abducted by a doctor with whom she had affair with.

In addition she had to deal with her serial killer brother Dominic who knocked off two people before killing himself. Boozing and bed hopping were Toni’s pastime before son Harry came along. She needed a DNA test to determine who fathered Harry, but since blossomed into the perfect mother and wife. “Toni was the party girl and got knocked dup pretty quickly. There were six months of sleeping around, doing drugs, partying and then the drama over Harry’s dad. “I give credit to the storylines for the rollarcoaster ride and roundabouts she’s been on. To look back to see where she is now, its has been quite a long journey,” Laura says. And it looks like Toni may jump back on the rollarcoaster with cracks starting to show in her marriage. “Chris and Toni getting together was a chequered story anyway and they didn’t fall madly in love. “The love grew out of this situation of having a child. But they are different people and it doesn’t surprise me that when they hit bumps its harder to come back to each other. I think there a few more bumps ahead, “she says. One bump is surgeon Justine Jones who has proved she is more than capable of preforming Chris’ tricky surgeries. “Toni has never liked Justine because right fro the beginning when she started at Shortland street, she Shafter Chris over the plastics unit. Toni is fiercely loyal to family and friends so she’s always had a suspicious eye on Justine. “Toni and Chris may seem like the golden couple but there is trouble in paradise, “Laura warns. Playing a “cheerful slapper” as one of Laura’s friends has nicknamed Toni, has not been too much of a drain on Laura, who started preforming in fringe theatre while at university in Wellington “it is really important to distance yourself from your character and not take home the emotions of the day. Some people do this by taking off their make up off, putting their own clothes back on and getting into a car and playing music. “I have no specific way but I find just being at home relaxing is great because at work its so social and very high energy,” Laura says.

Even tho the days can be long and the shooting schedule fast paced, Laura is grateful she is on the soap. I’m very privilege position – I’m a actor in new Zealand, who gets work fulltime. There are a lot of actors Who would love to be in the position. This is the longest I’ve been in any job,” she laughs/ Laura keeps “stretching her acting muscles” by preforming in theatre. “I want to keep on acting and keep on being challenge by what I do. I’d love to do more theatre and if a film came up that would be fantastic.

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