TV3 what a line up

Just had a look at TV3 line up at their web site for the next two weaks
There is only one show I would like to see in all the next two weaks (and that is on new year eve) that is TITANIC how $$$$$$$$$G boring I hope fall asleep watching it.

YET for the whole of this week WHILE I HAVE BEEN AT WORK the Monk has been on at lunch time TV3 WHAT A GREAT “WINZ” TV NETWORK how about something for the tax payers.

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  • noskinnychicks

    I agree with tvnewser – none of the New Zealand networks seem to be particularly committed to quality programming at all times of the day. As a student and shiftworker, I have given up and barely watch TV at all. I either download my favourite episodes, watch them on uTube, or buy boxed sets from Trademe or Amazon. Amazon can offer me shows that have never been aired in NZ, such as NCIS, CSI, Gossip Girl, Numbers, The Mentalist and Bones. The schedulers at the NZ networks seem to believe that in this day and age people will be prepared to wait months to see their shows, or will suffer through Proactive or AbKingPro infomercials on rainy weekdays. I won’t – why should I when I don’t need to muck around with MySky, VCRs, DVD recorders or pesky advertisements and infomercials?
    Wake up and smell the set-top boxes TV3 and TVNZ! People have options now, and if it’s a choice between waiting 8 months for the next season of NCIS or watching it with French subtitles on uTube now – I choose now!