4WD vehicles on Inside NZ

3’s premier, award-winning documentary series Inside New Zealand returns for its 16th season with stories that affect ordinary New Zealanders, screening Thursday, February 8th at 8.30pm on 3.

The new series explores a combination of personal and informative issues that promise to entertain, elucidate and inspire, says 3’s Head of Factual, Sue Woofield.

“I am always overwhelmed with the generosity of New Zealanders sharing their most personal stories with us. Without them, we would never have Inside New Zealand. The stories in 2007 range from issues which affect us all, to revealing personal dilemmas; it promises riveting viewing.”

Inside New Zealand kicks off 2007 with a hard-hitting investigation into the safety record of 4WDs, from road crashes to driveway accidents, as well as air pollution and fuel consumption.

While 4WDs have continued to climb in popularity over the last ten years, there have been increasing calls for them not to be used as standard vehicles in cities and suburbs. The statistics on 4WD accidents on our roads and in our driveways are irrefutable and scary – even the Minister for Transport Safety, Harry Duynhoven, joins the chorus of people recommending that 4WDs not be used in the cities unless for commercial use.

Inside New Zealand: 4WDs: Danger on the Road is an eye-opening look at the real cost for our cities and the nation, because of our love-affair with 4WD vehicles.

Later in the year is a four-part Inside New Zealand series entitled What’s Your Verdict, where a hand-picked jury examines the evidence presented in four of the country’s most notorious and controversial crime cases.

Using the same format as the popular one-off Inside New Zealand documentary What’s Your Verdict? – Mark Lundy, this new series features cases that have an underlying importance to the New Zealand justice system.

In the meantime, tune in to the first episode of Inside New Zealand 2007, as it premieres on Thursday, February 8th at 8.30pm with an intriguing investigation into the safety record of 4WDs.

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  • Rachel

    The “What’s Your Verdict” show sounds a lot like a new BBC show where there will be a fake jury assessing a trial as a semi-reality show/documentary.