Adam Rickett (Nick Tisley in Coronation Street) in Shortland Street

A former Coronation Street star is to take up a role in home-grown soap Shortland Street.

Adam Rickitt, who began playing Nick Tilsley on the long-running British soap in 1997, arrives in New Zealand this week.

The Herald on Sunday has been told that publicity-hungry Rickitt -who had Coronation Street’s first gay kiss with character Todd Grimshaw in 2003- approached producers of the Kiwi medical drama, seeking work.

South Pacific Pictures publicist Rachael Keereweer said yesterday that the 28-year-old actor, singer and model “has been signed on to do a little bit of work and it will depend on how well he does as to whether it will continue”.

She said it was “very exciting” to have an overseas celebrity join the soap, which began screening on TV2 in 1994.

Shortland Street producers have scripted Rickitt’s role but have been tight-lipped about the character he will play.

Rickitt, known for having a well-defined “six-pack”, released an album Good Times in 2000. His first single Breathe Again went to number five in the UK Top 10.

In 2005, the actor was approved as a prospective parliamentary candidate for the UK Conservative Party.

Source: NZ Herald

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  • Elmo
  • Matt

    Apparently he was the one who approached Shorty Street producers – not the other way around.

    Here’s how I think the conversation went:

    Adam: Hi, it’s Adam Rickett here, calling from the UK.
    Shorty: Who?
    Adam: Adam Rickett, I was Nick Tilsley on Coronation Street.
    Shorty: Who on Coro?
    Adam: Gail’s son. I was shirtless alot.
    Shorty: I don’t remember. What can I do for you?
    Adam: I just wondered if I could have a job on Shortland Street!
    Shorty: No, we’re OK thanks.
    Adam: Oh! Wait! Don’t hang up!
    Shorty: Yeah?
    Adam: You wouldn’t have to pay me… and I’m not one of the fugly ones off Coro, I promise.
    Adam: Please. I really need this.
    Shorty: Oh, all right. We’ll give you a small role and see how you go. When will you be in New Zealand?
    Adam: Oh my god! Thanks! I can be there tomorrow! Flat out!!

  • Rachel

    LOL! From his blog it sounded like it was a year-long contract.

  • toothpick

    Second rate actor and second rate show:
    They are made for each other.

    I doubt either will be able to raise their standards, so as to break away from the other.
    …So he may well stay here for years!

  • Andy Barton

    Actually Shortland Street started in 1992, not 1994.

  • Gina Anderson

    Adam Your sooo hott and such a hunny xxx keep up the good acting