CSI: New York Season 3 on TV3

Gary Sinise, producer and star of the successful CSI spin-off, CSI: New York, is excited about his character finally getting a love interest, and a beautiful one at that – Claire Forlani, in the brand new series, screening Wednesday, January 24th at 8:30pm.

Claire Forlani is best known for her work in films Meet Joe Black, The Rock, Boys and Girls, and Mallrats. The English actress was the face of L’Oreal in 2001 and has dated actors Benicio Del Toro, John Cusack and Ben Stiller.

She joins the CSI: New York team as Dr. Peyton Driscoll – the beautiful and sharp coroner, originally from London, who has come to America to finish her education.

She started work in the New York Crime Lab as a medical examiner where she worked alongside Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper) and Mac Taylor (Sinise).

Now she has decided to return to the medical examiner’s office and starts an affair with Detective Mac Taylor, one of New York City’s finest CSIs.

The Emmy Award-winner actor Gary Sinise is thrilled with the way the show is headed – entering its third season.

“It’s a good solid gig, and the show is doing well. Last year the ratings were good, and this year we’re back for another season, so everyone is optimistic. We’ve got some good things coming up.”

Even though the show is set in New York, the cast and crew only shoot there about two or three times a year, explains Sinise.

“We just started Monday, and decided to shoot for about five days there. We have a pretty big scene on the Brooklyn Bridge. Or if we have to get shots of Central Park, we like to get the big things while we are there to really get a feel for the city.”

Season three premieres when two bungee jumpers witness a death on the Brooklyn Bridge, and Mac and his new love interest Peyton Driscoll are called in to investigate.

Also in Manhattan, the team finds a murdered young heiress whose death is tied to cockfighting.

Tune in to the exciting third season premiere of CSI: New York, screening Wednesday, January 24th at 8:30pm.

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