Eastenders on Prime

Weekdays at 1pm – beginning Wednesday 7 February on Prime

The BBC’s No 1 award-winning soap is returning to PRIME with more episodes for its New Zealand fans.

Each weekday at 1pm viewers can take a trip to Walford and follow the lives of the multi-racial community who live and work in and around Albert Square.

EASTENDERS has won more than 100 awards. Barbara Windsor (Peggy Mitchell) received an OBE in 2000 and Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler) received an MBE partly for their work on the show.

Two episodes of EASTENDERS share the highest-ever ratings in Britain: 25 December 1986 when 29 million tuned in to watch pub landlord ‘Dirty Den’ Watts serve divorce papers on his neurotic wife, Ange; And New Year’s Day 1987 when Tiffany Mitchell was killed.

Don’t miss your dose of Britain’s most addictive soap…
EASTENDERS – Weekdays at 1pm on PRIME.

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  • Anne-Marie

    Hello, A query regarding eastenders after Easter 2007 ??? it doesn’t appear in the TV guide? does this mean , yet once again you’ve changed its time slot…OR does it mean you’ve gotten rid of it completely ??? VERY DISAPOINTED FAN

  • Anonymous

    Because of EastEnders AO rating – it cannot be played during the school holidays which are on from the 6th of April through to the 22nd. EastEnders will be back on the 23rd!

  • Stephen

    To remove Eastenders during the school holidays is illogical and stupid. If the doings of Albert Square residents are unsuitable for young viewers, what about the recent episodes of Emmerdale? The evil and sadistic behaviour of Steph Stokes towards her helpless father Alan Turner is surely one of the most disturbing and “Adults Only” storylines ever seen on a soap in New Zealand, and yet Emmerdale continues to be shown throughout the school break. Show some sense, Prime or whoever else is responsible.
    PS If Neighbours’ being moved to 3.50 is a prelude to its being taken off altogether, somebody at TVNZ will die!

  • ros

    eastenders should be shown at night when adults can watch without young children present. in the uk it is on at 7.30pm. the episodes being shown now are well over a year out of date. if the powers that be dont want anyone under age to watch they should put it on at 2am when it could be recorded by adults. there are far worse programmes on in the day anyway. come on prime, get your act together the programme needs to be on for an hour five days a week for at least six months to get anywhere near to catching up.

  • Tracy

    I totally agree! Its not fair…. I am a complete fan and want to know when it is back on. I came over from the uk and have given it a year to catch up with the episodes there and now i cant seem to find it on any of the channels. 🙁

  • guillot moragh

    I have been watching Eastenders for years, more recently in France on BBCprime, however our server TPS has now changed to CANALSAT and BBC prime has disappeared, how can I receive this programme by Sat. as I don’t live in an area where there is cable TV?

  • I said: U

    guillot moragh I think maybe you should ask here http://www.tvthrong.co.uk

  • Rikki

    I haven’t watched this for sooooo long! Always used to, but when the times kept getting changed around, just gave up – and now lost touch with it completely!
    Found early evening the best time – when it was on around 5.30. People I knew watched it then too, because a lot could catch it after work.

  • Gael Smith

    where has Eastenders gone

  • ell

    Gael, it seems to have moved to 2:55pm weekdays. Unsure if this is permanent or not.

  • Marjorie

    there is an omnibus edition at the weekend – showing all 5 episodes in one go – 11.30am til after 1pm every Saturday – enjoy


    Just found out that my absolutelty favourite programme, Eastenders, has been shifted to UKTV. Which means I’ll either have to get SKY or miss out!! I have watched it since it started here in NZ in the early 80’s and never missed an episode. It is so good; why do we get so STUFFED AROUND!!! When there is so much utter crap on our TV’S!
    I cant afford SKY.

  • he

    Guess what the replacement is “The bold and the beautiful”

    Now if sky would only have a USA-TV station, that would make free to air TV so much better, by taking a lot of crap off.

  • he

    Watch whats on prime now, via Throng (with no advertisements)

  • oleary1

    It would be marvelous if TVNZ could bring Eastenders back for us. Some of us cannot afford to have sky and it stinks that we are being held to ransom by the powers that be.

  • Anon

    Tiffany died on New Year’s Eve 31/12/1998, not 1987