Ed, Eileen and Emily

Wednesday 17 January, 7.30pm

Ed has a shocking revelation for Emily.

Ed goes to see Eileen and over the course of the evening the couple get more and more tactile. Eileen pulls away from him, as she respects his beliefs, but will Ed want to take things further?
Phil has bought David a present from the car boot sale but David flings the gift aside. Phil takes the upper hand and threatens to slam David’s hand in the door frame, like he did to him. Will Phil go through with it?

Nathan tells Frankie that he can’t date her again because it’s clear she has feelings for someone else.

Ed goes to Emily’s. She is pleased to see him on her doorstep but quickly realises something is amiss. He tells her how coming into her life was not by coincidence. He had in fact been searching for her. Ed finally delivers the awful truth – what will it be?

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