Gail gets a valentine

Thursday 18 January, 7.30pm

Ed begs for Emily’s forgiveness, Charlie dumps Tracy, and Gail gets a valentine from Richard Hillman.

Still reeling from the shock, Emily is trying to come to terms with what she has been told. Ed insists he is not the same man who killed her husband all those years ago but Emily is furious that he has almost primed her for this.

Charlie is at home with Amy, and is angry because Tracy has not returned. He decides enough is enough and he marches into the Rover’s holding Amy and putting her on her shocked mother’s lap. Will Charlie take Tracy back after she left him with Amy?

Eileen has been waiting all day for Ed to call and is becoming increasingly impatient. She goes to see Emily and Norris, who are instantly on their guard when she mentions Ed’s name. Emily tells Eileen the truth which leaves her stunned. She goes home to pour her heart out to a sympathetic Sean.

Gail receives a sinister valentine. Phil arrives at the house with flowers and a card for Gail. But then she gets another card through the post, addressed to Gail Hillman. The card has a personal message in it which leaves Gail in horror. Who could send such a thing to Gail?

Tracy goes to beg Charlie to take her back but manipulative Charlie has the upper hand. He gives her a subtle but shocking ultimatum.

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