Haunted Homes on TV2: Episode 3

Katrina Elvin, 29, her husband John, 32 and their three children, Jonathan, 14 Nathan, 5 and Jasmine, 3 have seen ghosts, heard strange noises and suffered uncomfortable feelings in their three bedroomed house, built 42 years ago in Newbiggin, near Newcastle.

Katrina and the children regularly see the solid figure of a man standing in their bedrooms and on the upstairs landing. Jonathan believes there is a man watching him while he’s on his computer and when their son Nathan spotted the mysterious figure, he was frozen to the spot.

The brother’s shared bedroom is an eerie place for Katrina. Nathan has always disliked the bedroom cupboard and claims it is occupied by a man. When Jonathan was 12 he was climbing up to the top bunk when he suddenly saw a man climbing up the ladder with him. Terrified, he came flying down the staircase describing the scene in detail but saw just a face and no body.

Mia picked up a strong sense of burning from two of the psychometry objects, a candelabra and a bookend. Later, during the clearing, she located the ghost of a man who had died in a mining accident which caused a fire. Investigations by the family confirmed that the house was indeed built on land above mining shafts.

Mia says: “With the Elvin family I cannot believe I jumped twice and I was quite pleased when Mark jumped as well the second time. It deliberately wanted to cause fear. It took pleasure in it and I took pleasure in getting rid of it.”

The family is very happy that the ghost has gone. Katrina no longer works at night, the family are much happier and leading a far more normal life. Katrina says “Since Mia was here the whole atmosphere of the house is totally different”.

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