Haunted Homes on TV2: Episode 5

Bob Stevens, his wife Shelley and their children Daniel, 13 and Alicia, 9 live in a 400 year old cottage in Lincolnshire. Strange things first began happening in 2003, when they were renovating the house. Objects go missing, things are constantly moved around without explanation and all their family and friends refuse to stay at the house.

Shelley took a photo of their home and a face appeared in an upstairs window, despite no-one being in the house. They have seen a woman and a young boy appear in different parts of the house and the latter plays with their daughter. They have named the female presence Mabel and whenever something strange happens in the house, they shout her name. The family have also measured temperature drops in their daughter’s room and find their electrical appliances constantly turned on and off.

During the psychometry analysis, Mia held Shelley’s engagement ring and picked up very strongly on the angst and stress that Shelley has been feeling. She was also very interested in a crucifix which she could tell had been blessed. The Steven’s confirmed that a padre, who had come to bless the house, had given them the crucifix.

Mia believed she found the ghost of a woman who had died in a fire and not gone over to the other side. Mia says: “The Stevens family was very interesting for me because even on the first walk round, I was not open psychically but I met the ghost. We had some great activity. It wasn’t evil but it was very active. They are going to feel so much better now, no more musical beds”.

The family is very happy that the ghost has gone and Shelley no longer works at night to avoid sleeping in her room. She believes they are generally much happier and the children will now go to bed comfortably at night.

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  • Anonymous

    i get scared watching this :O

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm do ghosts exist?

  • Tui

    I keep missing it! :@

  • Dangermouse

    I saw it last week and ended up in giggles most of the time because of the overly-dramatic music. The ‘sceptic’ simply never finds anything conclusive, and neither does the ‘paranormal investigator’ for that matter. The sceptic actually shut himself in the hallway and pleaded for the ghost to show up in a slightly exasperated way – surprise, surprise it didn’t.
    Then the family shut themselves in a dark room and told each other they could see shadows moving over people’s shoulder, though of course nothing showed up on camera. And lastly, we get to hear the psychic reciting Latin with a terrible accent.
    I don’t know – maybe it was just a bad episode. Still, some parts of it were entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons.

  • Steven Edelijn

    Rarely have I seen such inane and utter nonsense. If you sit up through the night it’s pretty obvious you’ll get a headache, nothing paranormal about that!