Haunted Homes

Prepare to be scared in TV2’s new series, Haunted Homes, where the cameras uncover the ghostly goings-on in the lives of frightened families, too scared to even live in their own homes.

To help the families discover what’s behind the hauntings, the Haunted Homes team sends in three experts – psychic Mia Dolan; paranormal investigator Mark Webb; and a professor of paranormal psychology Dr Chris French. They will take over the house for 48 hours in an attempt to find out what’s going on and see if they can rid them of their terrifying spirits.

The Hassetts from West Yorkshire have lived in their house for the last 20 years. The whole family claim to have experienced paranormal activity during this time. They have reported strange noises, cold spots and ghosts.

Nicola and Mel Munday live with Nicola’s five children. Mel and Nic are very interested in the paranormal and they run a web-based paranormal group. They claim that activity in the house appears to have increased when they started dabbling with a Ouija Board. Mel and Nic believe they have invited a bad spirit into their home and it needs to be purged, because of its negative nature.

Lorraine Scriven lives with her two children Emma and Stephen in Birmingham in what they claim is a haunted house. The Scriven family have experienced various forms of paranormal activity in their home over the last 18 years. They believe it was a harmless ghost, but recently say they have captured an image on camera of something far more sinister – a male figure in a dark hooded garment – which has completely freaked them out, particularly affecting 21-year-old Emma who will no longer sleep in her own room.

Heather Harris lives with her two children and claims their home is haunted. The Harris situation is so bad that Heather regularly leaves the house in the middle of the night, with her children, to take refuge at her sister’s home. Heather claims to hear balls bouncing upstairs and children running back and forth across the landing.

John and Katrina Elvin regularly see the solid figure of a man standing in their bedrooms and on the landing. Son Jonathan says there is a man watching him while he’s on his computer. When he spotted the mysterious figure, younger son Nathan was frozen to the spot.

Bob and Shelley Stevens live with their two children in a haunted house. Strange things started happening when the house renovations began. Objects went missing and things are constantly moved around without explanation. All their family and friends refuse to stay in the house. Bob’s wife took a photo of their home and they claim a face appears in an upstairs window although no one was in the house at the time.

Prepare to be spooked with Haunted Homes, TV2 Tuesday nights at 9.30pm.

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  • James Quaid

    Hi, I enjoy your show very much.Having seen THINGS I believe, but dont expect others to do so. So many psychic investigators appear to be weird and IN TOUCH, try to be calm and rational and forget the theatrics