Home and Away Vs Shortland Street

Okay – I am new here and so this is probably an old age question such as why is the sky blue? But I’m keen to hear what other people think. Why is Home and Away so much better than Shortland Street?
The stories are so much more compelling, the look of the show is classier and the characters a lot more likeable. Let me be clear that I’m a big Shortland Street fan from way back – don’t get me started on this new direction that Shortland Street appears to be heading down – but there are some moments in Shortland street that are…. cringe!

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  • bobscoffee

    maybe this is the best they can achieve with the money they’ve got

  • Simon

    Personally, I find Home and Away unwatchable. Each to their own, I soppose…

  • bobscoffee

    And what about Shortland St Simon? Or no point asking? 😉

  • Rachel

    I watch both and I like different things about them. Home and Away has a far bigger cast I think so there’s more variety and more gangs of friends, more shots on location (although Shorty is getting more of these).

    The main two things I like about Home and Away are their younger cast and more outrageous storylines (which is also something that can get annoying).

    Shortland Street deals with a lot tougher issues at times and can be ground-breaking and has far more social commentary. I heard that there’s a long list of words that can’t be used on Home and Away (e.g. rape) whereas Shortland Street doesn’t have those same restrictions.

    I liked it when Dominic was on Shortland Street the most because he was a bad guy you couldn’t help but like. I hope there’s a new villain soon on Shorty.

  • Tui

    Ugh I can’t stand home & away.

  • Elmo

    I use to be a huge fan of Home and away but now have no time to watch it. Shortland street is a different matter. i have always time to watch it…even if i do have to tape it and watch it later.

  • demi_greysfan

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of either shows. Although, I think one of the biggest factors is the budgets the two have. Shortland St. definitely has a very limited budget whereas Home And Away has more money to work with.

  • DeViI D0do

    I love Home and Away for the same reason I love Desperate Housewives… Because it’s a soap opera, and it know that it is… It has the long lost evil twin storylines and all that sort of soap opera goodness.

    Shortland Street tries too hard to be a drama.

  • miss_chaos

    Home and Away has gone downhill recenty, but I think Shortland Street is getting better

  • Anonymous

    home and away is better because everyone on it is incredibly good looking. (except Alf, Colleen, that red headed woman….)

  • Anana

    when will we see home and away again on nz tv?
    I’m missing it big time!!!