Horatio Cane One liners

Watch this collection of quotes and honestly tell me that CSI Miami doesn’t have the best writers in television. Love the glasses!

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Dane McLean

Everything from Mad Men to Workaholics plus every trashy reality show you can think of, TV addiction is real. Twitter: @Dane_McLean
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  • k

    this is so cool..it is so funny how most of the time he says the line, he puts on his sunglasses

  • Anonymous

    Love it!

  • Lucas73

    Apparently there are hundreds of spoofs on you tube of people doing old Horatio Caine saying these overly dramatic lines with huge pauses while either taking off or putting on the sunglasses. I havent seen them but I can just imagine. We always laugh at this part of each episode.
    He is second only to William Shatner on Star Trek for his dramatically funny line delivery.

  • Pamela

    I absolutely love david caruso. He is soo good looking. And yes csi miami has the best writers. Those sunglasses are like his trademark now…