Ian Wright's Unfit Kids

Former England and Arsenal football star Ian Wright sets out to knock Britain’s couch potato kids into shape and attempts to discover exactly why it is that youngsters in the UK are the most overweight, inactive and unhealthy in Europe.

Britain has the fastest growing obesity problem in the world. One in three teenagers is overweight or obese. If nothing is done, experts predict this generation of coach potato kids will die younger than their parents.

But ex-Arsenal football legend Ian Wright wants to prove that things can, and should, be different. He chooses eight unfit, overweight and exercise-phobic 13-year-olds and has just six months to see if he can get them fit.

Wright embarks on his plan by selecting eight of north London’s unhealthiest kids from a school sports day. These are the children who are picked last for team sports. The ones who always finish last in school athletics. Robert is almost ten stone overweight and has four TVs in his bedroom, Jerome is addicted to computer games (“I don’t play too much PlayStation, it’s more that I don’t play enough,” he says after admitting he spent nearly 30 hours a week in front of the television playing computer games), and test results reveal that at over 18-stone Gabbie is the most unfit of the group. All of the kids are at risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Ian starts by putting the kids through their paces with circuit training in the gym but he soon realises that coping with teenagers is going to be harder than he thought. His scheme meets stiff resistance from both the children, and some of the parents, who are reluctant to part with old habits and diets reliant on junk food. After making them do extra training for not bringing their ‘Activity Diaries’ he gets a call from Jerome’s Mum. She wants to know why her son came home crying.

Ian sets up a meeting with the parents and tries to get them to start doing sport with their kids. But the excuses sound oddly familiar …

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