Juice TV vs C4

Blogger stacey1122 prefers Juice TV to C4 and makes a couple of interesting comments:

c4 select live finished on december 22nd 2006 and is not starting up again until january 29th which i think is far too long.

Will these two music tv channels last the distance because most new zealanders are getting broadband connections and now they can go to any artist’s site and watch their music videos online, so what’s the point of watching them on tv?

vodafone sponsor [C4’s] select live music show, yet when vodafone launches its live mobile television service this year, c4 isn’t going to be screened live on it which is very weird because mtv, which is a competitor to c4, is going to be screening on vodafone live.

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  • tvnewser

    That’s because it is SKY TV on the mobiles.