Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy returning to TV2 February 2007

According to XTRAMSN, in the next four to six weeks Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost will be returning to TV2.

If the shows screen in the same timeslots as in 2006, we could see:

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  • ell

    seems that moving to thursdays was a late change, even advertisers didn’t know and had booked as for 2130 mondays.

  • Rachel

    Thursday seems an odd night for such a big show, will be interesting to see if the audience changes as a result. The Grey’s/DH Monday night combo was perfect for me.

  • cariney

    i actually find moving greys to thursday was REALLY stupid, coz mondays were always MY GREYS ANATOMY NIGHT (plus the only thing i ever watch on thurs was 20/20 and just did my homework).

    but one point: HERO’S is on tv3 at same time as greys would normally be on(mon 9.30). and hero’s has been quite a hit in america, i guess tv2 didnt want to lose their veiwers to tv3. and maybe attract more veiwers on a thurs. (hmm but wat will happen to mcclouds daughters, i never watched it, but just another thought)

    lol, when advertisers found out the would have been angry


  • Sharpay Evans

    I heard that Grey’s was always planned to move to Thursday nights and TV2 deliberately kept it secret. Grey’s is now a hit in its own right and TV2 wanted to use Desperate to launch their new hit show that will follow it on Monday at 9.30pm. It had nothing to do with Heroes (which is a completely different show) and Grey’s would have killed it anyway. Heroe’s didn’t even rate that well – i bet Tv3 are disappointed especially with how well Ugly Betty did, without anything like the marketing money TV3 spent on Heroes.

  • Rachel

    Interesting. Studio 60 or Men in Trees I’m guessing will go into the 9:30 slot then.

    How did Heroes rate? I can never quite understand why 24, Alias and other TV3 shows don’t do as well in NZ. It could be that Americans like terrorist shows more, or that it’s simply on TV3, not TV2.

  • 99intheshade

    Moving shows doesn’t seem to damage them –
    look at CSI which started Monday 9.30pm, then Wednesday and Sunday 8.30pm.

    And even House moved from Friday to Tuesday, back to Friday… and now Tuesday again.

    And Bones was Wednesday 9.30pm then Monday 8.30pm.

    And target which has been on nearly every single day of the week.

    And Survivor was on tuesday 8.30pm and now Sunday …

    And NCIS moved from Sunday 9.30pm to Tuesday 8.30pm.

    And Medium moved from Tuesday to Friday..

    And Numbers moved from Wednesday to Sunday…

    And Law and Order has been all over the place, too many slots to mention

    And as for 24, who knows where the heck that has been and where it might turn up next.

    So anyway, I think grey’s on thursday is a GREAT idea 🙂

  • Sharpay Evans

    Men in trees is a big hit in the Us and I have downloaded a couple of episodes and it only gets better…

    Heroes gets a bit convoluted. Don’t know how it rated, but a friend at TV3 told me it was way less than Ugly Betty. I reckon TV3 have no faith in the show if they thought Grey’s Anatomy was going to be Monday 9.30pm – they were just throwing it away.

  • reece_555

    TV3 never seems to have set timeslots for most of there shows it just seems they put them where they can fit them.

  • 99intheshade

    I think TV3 doesn’t consider the audience, they just try to attack TV2 without thinking about what shows follow what – like how weird is Dr Phil and Bones and Heroes all on one night? That’s what you get from a greedy Canadian company! I like that TV2 think about what shows go together. I hope that Men in trees is on Monday after Desperate because that really makes sense!

  • reece_555

    Dr phil is just a filler-in like when oprah “specials” are put on, 60 minutes will be back soon.

  • tvnewser

    Some of the TV3 shows go well together!
    For example, House & Boston Legal! Special Victims Unit & Law & Order! CSI & Numb3rs! And I actually think that the same type of people who would watch Bones would watch Heroes.

  • Wazzer

    I don’t think anyone would bother to watch Bones when Desperate Housewives is on, so I guess whether they go together or not is irrelevant.

    Do you get the feeling that TV3 is a little bit cocky now? I used to really like them when they were the struggling under dogs, but now they are greedy and too confident.

    I hated that they complained about TVNZ getting money for digital channels when they get heaps of tax payer money for outrageous fortunes (which i bet they make heaps from) C4 and kiwi FM. It is ironic given that they are owned by one of the worlds biggest canadian companies. As a kiwi that really irks me. They could have asked their share holder for money for digital, but Canwest is just too interested in making money rather than spending it. They may have a silver fern in their logo which annoys me even more because they have no respect for NZ.

    They have a slick marketing team – and we are all getting sucked in.

  • malkore

    Greys Anatomy will never be good. Heroes is much better

  • demi_greysfan

    Grey’s will definitely be good on Thursday. I don’t think it will lose viewers. It is the most popular show on TV atm, proof of that is all the awards they have won lately. And putting it on its own like that, is exactly what they did in the states and its coping perfectly, if not better!
    Malkore, can I ask you, what do you mean by that comment? ‘Greys will never be good’. Have you been hiding under a rock the past two years?

  • chocolatetree

    i think it’ll either be the best or worst thing tvnz has ever done, putting primetime tv on a thursday night, because previously in the past couple of years my sister and i have never found any good tv on a thursday night. but i for sure will be in front a box channeled to tv2 every thurday night. i think it will gain more viewers when its on a thurday than when its on a monday because of heroes and all of its advertising (seriously its on the back of every second bus and bus stop, we get it okay tv3! and ive seen one, yes one, add on the back of a bus for greys anatomy)

    but then there is the whole Isiah Washington (Dr Preston Burke) controversy (which i havent seen anything about on here…i shall have a look…), but due to him using homophobic slur against TR Knight (Dr George O’Mally) he may lose his place on the show but nothing is definite yet

  • tvnewser

    Do you get the feeling that TV3 is a little bit cocky now? I used to really like them when they were the struggling under dogs, but now they are greedy and too confident.

    What? Because they put Bones on at the same time as Desperate Housewives? What do you expect them to do, when TV2 has Housewives, Ugly Betty, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy & Supernatural on at 8.30pm, just not put anything worth watching on every night?

    They are just doing their job, a business is supposed to be confident, and they are supposed to compete with their rivals. You kinda just have to expect it.

    Also, a new show like Heroes needs heavy marketing. Grey’s Anatomy – which already has a strong fanbase – doesn’t, people just need to hear once which night it will be on and they secure viewers.