Lucy Wigmore Interview

Today’s Herald on Sunday interviews Lucy Wigmore, who has taken over the role of Justine Jones on Shortland Street.

“I kind of haven’t read the message boards, because I don’t want to take it personally and get upset. My husband’s been looking at them though, and he’s been giving me a little idea of what’s on there. I’m asking ‘Oh God, does everyone hate me?’ and he’s saying ‘Mmm, yip, pretty much.’ I believe that it will be fine in two months time, possibly in three weeks time. It’s funny, because you know how Casino Royale just came out recently, and the huge fracas about Daniel Craig when he was cast – “the blond James Bond! Oh my God, how can that work?!” And he’s great. So I think other actors have to put up with that sort of shit too. I think what’s funny about the Shortland Street phenomenon is that the comments are not necessarily about my performance – it’s more about how I look, and the fact that it’s somebody else, rather than the person that everybody is used to.”

Read more on page 4 of SundayView today.

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