Mark Sainsbury interview

Today’s Herald on Sunday (pages 6 and 7, Sunday View magazine) interviews Mark Sainsbury about his new role fronting Close Up.

Here’s a few snippets from the article.

In it he reveals he’s moved up from Wellington (his wife and 18-year-old twins will stay down there) and is leasing a top floor apartment in Auckland’s CBD. He was trying to buy a washer-drying on Trademe for it.

Mark is 50, owns a Mercedes 500SL, a Lincoln and a Norton motorbike. He smokes, “That not smoking message can be so pushed, I sometimes smoke just to say f*** you.”

Bill Ralston says “research shows him to be one of the most popular people on television”.

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  • Rachel

    I find it hard to believe that he’s one of the most popular people on TV.

  • Anonymous

    why do you say that rachel?

  • Rachel

    I haven’t seen the research Mr Ralson is quoting but he wasn’t in the finalists for the people’s choice awards last year, was he?