One News coverage of John Key's speech

Over at Sir Humphrey’s and Half Done, there is some criticism over One News coverage of John Key’s speech yesterday.

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  • campgrrls

    Heh. Well it makes a change if TV One were critical of Key’s speech. They fell all over him when he was first elected leader of the Nats. I would have thought including opposing views on the speech was an attempt at balance. In fact Close Up had Key interviewed on his own last night. I saw bits of it. It looked like Key was given the opportunity to explain his position while Sainsbury asked some critical questions. Reasonable attempt at balance I thought, and it did foreground Key’s speech.

    The coverage I’ve seen/heard in the media of Key’s speech includes people both for and against. Of course Key is repeating a fairly right wing view on things while trying to present the caring face of the right. So most of the criticism is likely to come from the left. So what?

    I just watched the 2 vids from last night’s news on the topic:

    Well really Guyen Espena (sp?) basically says that there was little that was new to Key’s speech and little substance so it didn’t make much impact. Fair comment I think. I guess they could have had more of the supporters of the speech that were on Nat Radio Morning report this morning. But TV One didn’t just have comments from Clark and Unions as the above blogger says. There’s also a vid on TV One’s site where they got comments from community workers who would be expected to benefit from extra support from a Nat government. Their response wasn’t that positive. But the other vid to report a lot of things that Key said in the speech and allowed him quite a bit of space to present his views.

  • miss_chaos

    It’s the media’s job to keep politicians accountable and under scrutiny. I think is the media was not taking an analytical approach to political speeches, and just talking about how winderful it is, that means the media is not doing a good job of maintaining its impartiality as a reporting institution, its crucial role.

    If the media wasn’t taking on politicians, I think that would be a far larger problem.