Premiere: Disorderly Conduct: Reality

Saturday 3 February at 8.30pm on Prime

With all new and heart-stopping unseen footage from police forces around the globe, DISORDERLY CONDUCT puts you right in the middle of the action.

TERMINATOR 2’s, Robert Patrick narrates each one hour episode full of riveting police footage as officers chase suspects, prevent crime and put their own lives in danger.

From a police chase with speeds in excess of 120 KPH to a runaway truck barrelling through a school zone.

From a driver who decides to undress in front of the officers to a helicopter pursuit of a criminal on the run.

With jaw dropping chases, incredible bravery and a dedication to duty the police are on the look out for those who display DISORDERLY CONDUCT!

Don’t miss the premiere of DISORDERLY CONDUCT.
Saturday 3 February at 8.30pm on PRIME.

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