Rachael Carpani (Jodi Fountain-McLeod, McLeod's Daughters) moves to US

Rachael Carpani has accepted a role, playing alongside Janeane Garofalo in a new legal drama, yet to be named, in the US. The pilot will be filmed in the US next month.

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  • kiwijem

    I guess that means Jodi’s leaving Drovers then 🙁

  • maree

    i think mcleod’s daughter is gooing to be so so stuiped now because their’s no more daughters on the show so now i not going to watch it now because of that………. so but bye

  • kiwijem

    I have to say I kind of agree with you, maree … it’s kind of lost the plot somehow, since Tess and especially Claire, are no longer on the scene 🙁 I so hope Alex doesn’t leave (although I have a feeling he might 🙁 ) cause that really WOULD be the end of my viewing pleasure 😉

  • Raj G.

    hope raechel will b back to Drover land ….. at least she will b the last Mcleod’s daughter till the end . Hopefully…