Season 6 of 24 is the best yet!!

ok i’ve been on this site for a while and figured i should actually join up lol!! i just had to write about the new season of 24!!! its the best yet, i wont spoil what happens but WOW if you have never seen 24 before you NEEEEEED to check the show out, you’ll be blown away after seeing the first four hours……… its like watching an action movie on tv and it just keeps going without getting boring!!!

anyways the freaky thing (without spoiling it) is how jack bauers hands look in the show after being held by the chinese!!!!! must be some sort of prosthetic (??) or makeup job. he looks soooooooo old, its scary!!!

PLEASE check out this show when its on tv3. you WONT regret it!!!!!!!


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  • ja_boii

    Jack Bauer is next on sylar’s list