Shortland Street 15 - 19 January 2007

It could be a return to the bad boy ways of old for SHORTLAND STREET’s most notorious love rat this week. Dr Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) has dated his fair share of ladies in his time at the hospital and developed a strong reputation for dipping his pen in the company ink.

Having shared a passionate kiss with colleague and fellow surgeon Justine Jones (Lucy Wigmore) at the end of last year, Chris has found himself back in familiar territory. “Chris’ ego is starting to run away with him a bit and part of that is the desire to feel like he is still an attractive prospect to women” says actor Michael Galvin. “It’s definitely on the cards that he could be using Justine not just to increase his confidence as a surgeon, but increase his confidence as a person.”

Whilst his new found confidence is entirely due to the support he has received from Justine, it seems the lines between professional and personal are once again being severely blurred. “He is fairly distant from Toni, and he now finds he can get that intimacy from Justine,” says Galvin. “She is a good surgeon like Chris and is more on his wave length in that way. It’s a meeting of the minds in terms of work and also a common attitude to sex which is a fairly open minded one.”

Chris career path has meant he is no stranger to risk, but it seems that this time he has more at stake than ever before. His marriage to wife Toni Warner (Laura Hill) has until recently seemed rock solid and the two share a young son, Harry (Henry Williams). “He does actually value his marriage even though he is totally disrespecting it. It’s more about trying to recapture the excitement his life had before he was married with a kid,” says Galvin. But will he stop in order to keep his family together, or is the lure of the sassy surgeon too much to resist?

“As long as he gets away with that, he’ll keep doing it,” admits Galvin. “Only when his relationship with Justine starts to threaten his marriage will he call it off.”

Find out how much Chris has at risk, this week on SHORTLAND STREET, weeknights at 7pm on TV2.

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