The Amazing Race 10 Episode 3 on TV2

“Oh Wow, Its Like One of Those Things You See On TV!”

Tempers flare between two teams when one team thinks the other team isnt playing fairly, on THE AMAZING RACE 10, Tuesday 16 January 7:30pm on TV2.

With no money in their pockets, one team is left behind while the others head off to their next destination. Another team loses their lead when they make a crucial mistake and board the wrong bus.

Teams discover they will not be given any additional money for this leg of the Race and must earn it instead.

Finally, a route marker evokes strong emotions in the Racers as they reflect on the sorrowful memories of a past war.

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  • Rikki

    Really felt for the gays when the had to wait at the end – and almost were the ones to go! I know it was the rule about how to travel, but guess they didn’t read the wording properly – sure they all will from now on!

    Sorry to see the dad and daughter go, they seemed an OK couple and had been doing well previosly.

    Glad Sarah and her boyfriend managed to get there on time after also doing so well and being in the lead until they got on the wrong bus. She’s doing really well, and lets nothing stop her from giving her best, he doesn’t seem so competitive as her – may lead to friction!

    The 2 black housewives are doing well, it looks like a real stuggle for them!

    The 2 young guys seem decent this time – not like the 2 frat boys the last time!
    Like to see the mouthy wife and her miner husband go.