The Contender Season Two

Wednesday, January 31, 10.30pm

Following on from a successful first season, The Contender returns to launch a competitive search for the next boxing superstar.

The Contender again follows 16 aspiring boxers from training camp through an evolving series of ring challenges and boxing matches. In this second series, a new group of professional boxers compete. Upon entering the Fight Night Arena, the boxers are greeted by boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard and begin training immediately. Some will focus on heavy bags and speed bags, while others eye their competition. Trainer Jeremy Williams will wake them the following day for an early morning run and then, at ‘Call Out’, the first match-up is made – putting an underdog up against a well-known boxer.

The Contender screens Wednesday nights on TV2 at 10.30pm.

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  • shane dale

    how do i get the download for the programme i missed??