Too much sports news?

One of the main things I don’t like about One News/3 News is how the show is split up. I know there are so many people who love sports news but most of the sports news stories to me don’t seem like real news.

I’m happy to see a quick summary of last night’s cricket or rugby match or overseas sporting event, but other than that, I’m just not interested in all the speculation, commentary and so on.

I would much prefer that there was more local and international news stories than sport always filling up a set proportion of the show. Perhaps the new TVNZ news channel will cater more to people like me who would love an hour long news bulletin with just news. No sport, no weather (I can check weather online much faster), no filler silly or oddball stories to hold onto viewers (there’s plenty of things I can amuse myself with on YouTube), just a serious news bulletin.

I would also love it if things such as important political speeches could be broadcast in full, unedited, for me to make my mind up on rather than sound-bites, commentary and people picking it to pieces without hearing the full thing. I’m left to read the speeches by the various parties online, but how many people never read them and only hear the pundits?

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  • Prince Albert

    I’m with you Rachel. I love sports, but I look up most of the results I care about on-line anyway, simply because the news won’t cover the games I am interested in. Which leads me to wonder how much news they aren’t covering either….

    Still, when the highest rating show of recent times was a special on a sheep getting sheared (shorn?) then maybe we are getting the news that we deserve.

  • dannews

    Re: Unedited political speeches.
    TVNZ will most likely have this on FreeView, and TV3 often put them on their website, as they have with John Key’s dribble, I mean speech.

  • Rachel

    Hehe 🙂 Thanks dannews, maybe FreeView will be perfect for me.

  • Dave

    An hour of serious news including more international coverage comes under the “worthy but dull” theory.

    That is, the reality that in surveys/focus groups/letters to the editor/etc people will *say* they want the likes of More serious news, More serious documentaries, More Arts programming… but in actual fact they won’t watch much of this stuff if it does get scheduled.

    TV execs can break down ratings these days in very small time blocks, and it is a reality that viewers most commonly switch channels when International stories or Political stories come on.

    It is also a sad fact that many people seem to think the weather is the most important part of a news bulletin, so dropping Sports News and Weather and adding more International news and full-length political speeches would be a recipe for “ratings in the toilet”.

  • Rachel

    It’s such a shame that everything is ratings-driven. I hope that the new TVNZ news channel *will* find a time to put on different news packages catering for different people.

    I would almost always switch over/off after the news section finishes.

    Sometimes I felt quite disturbed about how the news is put together (and I’m talking in general, rather than any particular news show). Recently, there was a human interest story about the oldest dogs in NZ and then after the break there was a report on the worst day of casualties in Iraq for some time.

  • Canabalistic Waffle

    I completely agree, with over half the hourly news dedicated to sports, the news can get very boring. I usually watch the first half of the news and then switch to some other channel. I think that political, world and local news is more important than something happening at a sports match, or even worse nothing major happening at all!